1. Does life just seem too hard?
  2. Is your relationship with any of the blow people under strain and making you unhappy :
    1. your partner,
    2. your children,
    3. your family,
    4. your friends,
    5. your colleagues 
    6. your boos 
  3. Are you troubled, worried, or anxious about your health?
  4. Do you need someone to listen to your story/ your side of the story
  5. Do you need to figure out a direction or new direction for your life?
  6. Were you hurt by the church or a fellow believer, or a friend?
  7. Have you just been divorced, or are you struggling to cope with your divorce?

I am ready to listen, to understand and to then give you guidance on finding a solution for your situation.

I offer one hour and half an hour sessions. Sessions can be in the following formats:

  1. Email conversations
  2. WhatsApp Conversations
  3. Messenger conversations,

Book Your appointment using the calendar below. Here are the steps:

  1. First select a service
  2. Then select a day
  3. Then select your time
  4. Fill in the form below the calendar
  5. Hit send

Next steps

  1. I will send you a reminder of our meeting
  2. On the set date and time we start our first session together.
  3. If necessary, we reschedule for a follow up appointment.
  4. After our session I will generate and electronic invoice:
    1. This is sent to you via email after the appointment.
    2. My Secure payment processor is Payfast
      1.  Payfast uses Extended Validation SSL with 2048-bit encryption. Only two of the four major South African banks use this –the highest– level of encryption currently available. We also accept international payments via credit card

        If you need more information on Payfast Security and protocols, click here

    3. You can also pay me directly via ftp

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