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Kent Hovind – Creation Seminar

The Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (1 of 7): The Age of the Earth Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (2 of 7): The Garden of Eden Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (3 of 7): Dinosaurs and the Bible Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (4 of 7): Lies in the Textbooks Kent Hovind Creation Seminar (5 of 7): The […]

Don’t use Bible Snippets

Shaun pointed my attention to a site on the internet that held my attention for quite some time. The link This nameless author is trying very hard to show that fornication does not mean sex outside of marriage. He goes as far as calling up the word Agape and saying the church removed the […]

A Study of God Part 1

With any study of a book or a subject, you have to always start at the beginning. It is no different with the Bible. Now God being God, puts, in the beginning, a first verse that is so loaded with information, that it can literally take a lifetime to work through its narrative. So, you […]

Eternal God

This might seem like a strange thing to talk when considering your growth and your freedom. But I want you to think about this. If God is eternal, and he created you, what are the implications on who you are? The eternal character of God should give us a solid foundation to base our hope. […]

The Name of Jesus

When did the name of Jesus change? – Or did it? I am not proposing to write a dissertation on this subject right now, just something that needs to be highlighted in a quick post to get the word out there and letting people know that the strange names they come up with for Jesus […]