What is my Purpose

What is my purpose?

(Joh 10:10) The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Beloved child of God, we all share in the hardships of this world. We all know what it is like to say goodbye to a loved one in death, we understand the pain of loss, the frustrations this world can raise for us. The anger we feel when we are wrongfully accused. Yes, we have all felt the sting of disaster in one form or another. Child of God, be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome this world, and because he overcame this world, we can confidently proclaim that we are more than conquers through Christ that strengthens us.

He said that he gave us his joy so that our joy may be full, or complete. He tells us to rejoice in him always and at all times. He says he places gladness in our hearts. He says we must praise him all the time. It seems that joy, gladness or happiness are very important to God.

Do you know, when you are happy and filled with joy, you are glorifying God?

Ask yourself, what is your purpose here on earth? We know it is to glorify God, to worship Him and to praise him, to find salvation in the Lord and to lead those that are lost to the loving embrace of God. There is, however, another very important purpose that we seem to neglect. Why did God create us on this earth?

God created us to enjoy what he has made for us. A great part of our purpose on earth is to enjoy life, to have fun and to be happy, this gives glory to God. He wants all these things from us, and he wants all these things for us.

We already know God is our Father. The picture I want to paint for you is of a father that builds a tree house for his children. Every bit of work he puts into the tree house gives him tremendous joy. The reason for his joy is that he can already see how his children will play and laugh in their tree house. The father builds tables and chairs, and everything he fashions is for his children’s pleasure. When he is done with the work the father stands back and with a smile on his face he admits that he did a good job

The father calls his children and reveals the tree house to them. They squeal and jump up and down and laugh and hug their dad. They rush up the ladder and they inspect the tree house. With each new thing they discover, the father
hears their shouts of pleasure. They point out to each other everything they see, every now and then a head pops out the window and door, and they thank their father for something they discovered and tell him how cool it is.

The father soaks up all the laughter, all the compliments and in his mind, he whispers: I am glad you love it guys. For a while they played and laughed and tried new things and then suddenly the laughter turns into a cry. The Father rushes up the ladder to find his kid sitting on the floor crying and holding his hand. He was trying to change something in the tree house and he chipped offa piece of wood and it splintered into his hand. The father carefully removes the splinter and eases the wound. Soon the pain is forgotten but after the second accident, and the second set of tears, the father calls his children together and puts down a few rules to prevent them from hurting themselves.

Every time the children play in the tree house the father makes sure that he is close so he can hear them enjoying the gift he made them. The father loves telling everyone he meets about his children and he boasts about his kids and how they are enjoying his gift for them.

In the same way, God created a very big tree house for us, his children, with untold treasures to discover. Not only that but treasures that changes all the time. Every day is different. Every day is a new experience another time to
discover a wonderful thing God has made for us. Our Father is not far away, no, he is near us, he wants to hear our
laughter, he wants to see our heads pop out the door and he wants to hear our cries of joy when we find a new thing.

God created the world for us so that we can enjoy it, but with our industrial lives, we forgot how to see the hand of God in everything. With science forcing the theory of evolution down our throats with every chance it gets, we have
lost the awe in seeing God’s hand in the things that happen around us, it is now only chance and accident. How can we see the intricacies of a hand that carefully designed and put everything together for our enjoyment if we hold
that it happened by chance? Child of God, take time to stop and look around you.

Our father has created a magnificent world for us to enjoy. Don’t be so clever that you cannot marvel at the actions of bees or the wisdom of ants. Don’t think because you know scientifically how a bird creates the whistling sounds that you cannot marvel at the beauty of the songs they sing. Don’t neglect to look up at the skies at sunset and see the portrait the father has painted for you that day.

Wake up in the morning and when you look out the window, don’t look to see what the weather is so you can dress right. Look to see what the Lord has made that day. Look at the clouds and see the bird visiting your garden. Look at the new leaves growing on the trees and marvel for a change. Glorify God for all these amazing things that are happening right in front of your eyes.

Let your work be a joy. Stop trying to convince yourself how terrible your job is, or how terrible your boss is. Do your work with diligence, and find joy in what you do. Look at your job and see that what you are doing has meaning and
purpose. Your work cannot, not be done. It is a necessary part of the company. And a company is not about the owners, it is about families. Everyone that works in the company has a family, has dependents that rely on them getting a salary. Yes, you might be replaced by someone else, but this is not the point to realize. What you have to realize is that the act of what you are doing at work has meaning. The company cannot do without it. Therefore your work has meaning. It contributes to the livelihood of all the families in that workplace.

If you work in the mail room, don’t look down on your work. You deliver mail that keeps the company afloat. The letter you drop off is just the letter that has the contract that will keep the company going. Child of God, your work action has purpose, no matter what job you are doing. Your work is so important that if you don’t do it, or you don’t do it right, your boss will fire you and find someone else to do your work. You contribute to the livelihood of everyone in the company. You have a purpose there, enjoy it.

Consider Paul’s words to the slaves. They work without compensation, and a lot of time under the harshest circumstances. Imagine that was you. Yet Paul tells them, not to work as if they are working for man. Work whole-heartedly, give everything you can, because you are working for Christ. The slave had one hope in his work… Jesus. This is all the hope you need. Do your work as if you are working for Jesus, he has reward for you.

Most of all, find joy in your work. In what you are doing, strive to be the best where you are now, if you are a tea lady, be the best tea lady you can be. Serve tea with love, with joy, put a smile on your face and bless those you serve. You might enjoy your job so much when you change your attitude that you would not want to change positions when they come up. We should all take stock of the blessing of having a job, realizing that we contribute to the livelihood of
families. We should consider that we are working for the Lord. Think of the tree house again. When the children start painting it, it is work. But they are having fun doing it. If they have to clean their mess, it is work, but they do it with the hope of joy once it is done. We should realize that this world was created for man. It was created by a loving Father. God did not create this world and then decide to put us in here to see how miserable he can make us. No, no, no, God created this world for us to enjoy the work of his hands and to give him glory for it through our praises and rejoicing.

Turn of your news for a little bit, and your heart will feel lighter. How can we feel happy when all we hear is bad news? We know the media is of the idea that bad news sells. Stop buying into it then child of God. We do not need to
know about the murder that took place the day before. If it affected us we would have known about it before we heard it on the news. We do not need to know about the shops that were held up at gun point, if it affected us we would have heard about it before we heard it on the news. Many people have argued with me on this point saying that we must stay informed.

Informed of what? How people got raped, and murdered, and held up and died in accidents. Do you really need to know about these things? What have you ever done with that information? Did it cause you to jump in your car to go and aid those that were afflicted by it. When you heard that there was a fatal accident and the traffic is backed up, did you rush to the accident scene to help those people or did you sigh inwardly because you were going to have to sit in the traffic for an extra hour. Really, what do we need this information for?

Focus on the things in life that bring the joy of the Lord, concentrate on the things that you can glorify God in and God will hear your laughter in the tree house. Yes there will be times that you will get splinters in your hand, this
is inevitable because we live in a world where there is freedom of choice. Others have the choice to hurt you and to steal your joy. But rest in this, that we can sit down and cry before God, and our heavenly Father will rush to
our aid. He promised us he is always there for us in our times of trouble. God is able to take care of us when our joy is gone. He will heal our broken hearts because he desires to hear our laughter.

Someone said that this gives people the right to do whatever makes them feel happy. Not so. Do you really love God? Can you in all honesty sin and try to glorify and praise God for that sin. Try stealing a car and praise God for it.
Those that Love the Lord with all their hearts will not be those that see worldly avenues to find joy. When was the last time you were invited to a non-believers house where they did not serve alcohol as you entered the house?
The world’s idea of fun is to get drunk. People cannot gather together without having alcohol.

Now there is nothing wrong with having a drink, but is this the criteria for having fun or to enjoy ourselves. Why is it that we cannot enjoy each other without getting tipsy on wine? How is it that we cannot have conversations with
each other without the need for a bit of drunkenness? It is something to consider. Have we lost the art of friendship, real friendship?

Let us enjoy that which God has given us. This is his will for us. Our purpose is that God created us to enjoy this creation and to have fun in it, and to be happy. Doing this will give glory to God, and is this not our created purpose?

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