The Name of Jesus

When did the name of Jesus change? – Or did it?

I am not proposing to write a dissertation on this subject right now, just something that needs to be highlighted in a quick post to get the word out there and letting people know that the strange names they come up with for Jesus is not really the name of Jesus. 

The name I am referring to is the Yehoshua, or otherwise spelt Yahoshua.

We are led to believe that this was Jesus' original name as he was called by his mother and father, and this is the only name we should call him by otherwise we are not really calling on the name of the saviour. 

It is also postulated that the name of Jesus as we know it has pagan references to Ishtar, or Zeus. Both these assumptions are absolutely faulty though and can be proven easily without much effort. 

Now I would like to point out one fact that does not lean to this true name of Jesus theory. It is simply that Jesus and the Apostles did not speak Hebrew but it is a historically proven fact that they spoke Aramaic, mostly and Greek which was mostly the written language. In Greek which we have to accept as legitimate as this was the language in which the apostles brought the gospels and the word to us we find the name of Jesus spelt: Iesous. Pronounced it sounds like you are saying Jesus without pronouncing the "J" sound. 

If the Apostles preached to the greeks and called Jesus by his greek translation, I think we can safely assume that the name passed down to us from their writings is Jesus and not Yehoshua. This name is a fabrication from the modern hebrew language which was resurrected when the Jews bacame a nation again. The language has been dormant for two twhosand years. What did it sound like. What were the nuances. What we have now is the difference between old english and modern english. The difference is quite substantial even though it is the same language.

If we take the languages of the time when Jesus lived, not one of those pronounces his name as Yehoshua. Would we not find a reference to this name by the church fathers, those that were with the apostles. Those that walked with Christ would surely have corrected the church fathers if they had named Jesus wrongly. Yet they call Jesus "Jesus". Yehoshua is not part of the biblical history. 

If the Bible is our final authority, and in this case our beginning authority, why are we referring to another authority outside the scriptures to explain to us that everyone in the scripture got it wrong. 

Call me ignorant, but the name Iesous was given to us as the name by which we must be saved. I received salvation through the name of Jesus, I call on God and He answers in the Name of Jesus, How many thousands have come to a knowledge of God through the name of Jesus. For two thousand years, Christians were too stupid to realise that they called on the wrong name for salvation. 

We are not introduced to Yehoshua, we are introduced to Jesus. Our Bible comes from the original written language Greek, and this is what they called hime in the earliest manuscripts


You can have confidence that at the name Jesus the Christ, every knee shall bow, and every tonghue confess, that He is Lord. 

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